"Imagine being able to create your happiness – in this moment and in the mess of life. Feeling grateful, not burdened by all that is around you?"

Happiness, love, joy, connection, peace....this is what women tell me they would love more of.  But when we sit in pain, whether it's emotional, physical, or mental,  we are kept from the things we yearn for.

Dear Chick...

Pain is the barrier to love, you can't be in two places at once.

I'm guessing you know that.

That is essentially it, in a nutshell.  Pain= exhaustion, brain fog, aching, anxious, demotivated, all the things and more that keep us from being present and connected to what and who we care about.  

Being present and connected is when we can give and receive love - and isn't that what life is all about.

Experiencing joy, peace, fulfilment and happiness is our goal, so shifting from pain to love is our action plan.

I have discovered the simplest and most energy efficient way to create this shift.

All it takes is to twist the cap from a bottle and take a sniff.

Essential oils have been around and used for centuries to support people in mind, body and spirit.  Our needs haven't changed dramatically so our methods don't need to be over complicated either.

I'd love to invite you to experience these gifts of the earth by attending one of my classes where we sniff and learn together.

Introducing me ( Loretta Hart ) and....

Join me for an oil workshop thats already changed so many lives! Together we'll explore:

  • How to create order in the midst of spaghetti brain
  • What happens when we live in pain and the compound effect on our future
  • Where peace and joy live - yep I have their address is you've lost it.
  • Supporting those you love who are sleep deprived, drained, demotivated, constantly fighting the elements
  • Cracking the code to create the shift in you towards love.
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It's Time To Create The Change In Your Life...

Chose Your Workshop Below

101 Essential Oils

Tuesdays 7:00pm

Ocean Grove


What are essential oils?

Learn to use them safely and confidently by getting the low down on these natural and pure gifts from the earth.

POM Party

2nd Saturday of the month


 FREE and EXCLUSIVE for my oily peeps

Product Of the Month gathering.  Join me as we explore our highlighted oil and

create something special for you to take home.

Parents and Kids Diffuser Bracelet Making Class

2nd Sunday of the Month


 $15 per person

Explore emotional wellbeing with your primary aged child.  Each person creates their own bracelet using semi precious stones and lava beads and goes home with their choice of essential oil sample to help regulate their mood

Here is what you can expect...

My 12 and 7 year old came with me to a diffuser bracelet making class with Loretta in July. The kids enjoyed choosing their beads and loved listening to Loretta discuss a few key emotions and what oils may help them.
We each walked away with a beautiful, personalised bracelet, oil samples and an affirmation card even my 7 year old understood.
Thanks for a lovely and productive session Loretta.


Thank you very much Loretta for a lovely morning making the diffuser bracelets. It was wonderful to sit and spend one on one time with my daughter doing something we both enjoyed equally. We are both still calling them magical bracelets.


What a relaxing and lovely way to discover how these little gems can be simply used in our family. Each session fills me with so many new ways and uses for my oils and makes me keen to learn even more! My family love the rituals and care we take to ‘oil up’ for winter. What a special way to prepare for and protect us from the germs this winter.


Attending Loretta's oily classes are very informative, friendly and a lot of fun learning different uses for each oils and how to blend different oils. Each class is unique as is Loretta, she is an amazing person with amazing oily knowledge. Cant wait for the next class


Knowledge is power. The more you know about your oils, the more confident you feel in using them everyday. Instead of running to the chemist, try your oils first. There is an oil or blend of oils that can be used for almost every ailment and they can also be used as cleaning aids.  I’m excited to learn more about my oils and really use them on a daily basis. I wasn’t overly confident before the workshop and sometimes forgot I had them and would just use chemist remedies. 


Loretta’s classes are engaging Hands on, full of fun and informative.. Loretta’s knowledge is extensive and leaves you feeling empowered and ready to embark on the oily journey of your choosing 


I attended an oily class at Loretta’s home and oh my goodness it was just heaven! To be able to learn more about the benefits of oils has really opened up my eyes! Loretta sure knows her stuff and her enthusiasm is infectious. I would highly recommend attending an Oily class, you won’t be sorry....


I loved this experience, was feeling so disconnected and lost, after this I have clarity and a starting point to get back to who I am which I’m excited about. Starting to feel a little passionate and excited about things again.


I felt connected with Loretta and the information presented today. The message is relevant to me and everyday life. Thank you very much Loretta! All I needed was to engage with myself as I am proud of who I am.


Loretta Hart

I'm often asked what is it actually do. My answer, I just try to bring happiness to those around me and especially my loved ones. You see I'm a mother of four kids, sons 19 & 17, a daughter 12, and a little boy who would have been 15 this July, but sadly died during labour. After losing Flynn, I grieved for the ‘appropriate’ time and then squared my shoulders and continued on. I found myself living an ‘unhappy’ life. Years went by, many many years. But 7 years ago I began to turn that around and today I mentor, teach, speak to and inspire as many women as I can to take positive action in their lives. To bring about long lasting, ever surprising and fulfilling changes. My mission is to empower women to create lives they love to live every single day and give them back control of their happiness!  And what I find more and more is that in our time poor, constant world our essential oils are the quickest and simplest way to support ourselves.


I'm not sure if I have the time, will it be worth fitting it into my busy calendar.

How much of that busy calendar is dedicated to you? How much of it is running flat out, feeling exhausted and empty?Yes, you are definitely worth spending up to 90 mins focusing on you.

I'm a pretty positive person already - is it for someone like me?

Yes, it's absolutely. It sounds like you are on the right track, and now you can build on that to help you get to where you want to be faster, incorporating the oils into your good habits.

Is there a hard sell?

GOD NO! But be warned once people have a positive oily experience they tend to begin their oil collection.  It becomes a no brainer after you feel the effects and realise how empowered you feel from taking charge of you.

I've been interested in maybe beginning my own oily empire, can you help me get started.

It would be my pleasure, just message me an I can give you the low down.